Accidents in the Catering and Hospitality Industry

Slips, trips and falls are the most
common cause of accidents in the hospitality sector, most affected are affected are kitchen assistants,
chefs and waiting staff.


Slips are mainly caused by surfaces made slippery with water, food waste or oil. Wearing the wrong footwear compounds the danger.

Health and Safety Commission statistics reveal that the most common types of accidents in the catering industry are:

• slips and trips
• falls from height
• being struck by a moving or falling object
• contact with a harmful substance
• injuries from lifting or carrying a load


Analysis by the Health and Safety Executive of accidents in the catering industry shows that the underlying cause of accidents is a failure in management systems, such as:


• equipment and workplaces being unsafe for particular tasks
• safe procedures not being in place
• equipment not installed and maintained properly
• staff not competent in the tasks and misuse of equipment or workplaces

Our dedicated legal experts can provide immediate legal representation and rehabilitation support offering you the peace of mind you need so if you or your family member has suffered as a result of an injury at work, we will

  • discuss your incident and symptoms and the options available to you
  • make the process straight forward and hassle free
  • evaluate the impact that the work injury has had on your life

Although advances in health and safety equipment and practices have gone a long way to preventing many work related illnesses and injuries, but failures on your employer’s part can still have severe consequences.


If you, a friend or family member have experience negligence in the workplace and suffered as a result then contact us today for free no obligation advice.

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