5 things you need to know if you trip in the street for a personal injury claim

5 things you need to know if you trip in the street! legal advice if you want to claim

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Stuart Matthews, Treadstone Law

  1. To the best of your ability, try and identify the thing that caused you to trip up.  This is sometimes more difficult than it seems as if you knew what it was that had caused you to trip up you would have spotted it in the first place and avoided it !  However, once you have done so, try and take some photographs of the scene including some background information so it can be identified at a later date.
  2. Seek prompt medical attention from you GP or A&E.  Take photographs of any cuts or bruises.
  3. It is imperative you seek early legal advice from specialist Solicitors who know how to properly run a tripping claim.  These cases are considerably more difficult than is widely believed and only if special litigation tactics are used are you likely to succeed.  It is imperative that expert Solicitors visit the scene of your accident as soon as possible after it occurred so that we can photograph and measure the defect.
  4. Witness evidence – you should always obtain the names, telephone numbers and addresses of any witnesses to your accident as this will be extremely important in establishing causation on your behalf.
  5. If you have any damaged property clothing etc. – please keep this as it is evidence (even if it is blood stained).

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