Have you been a victim of financial mis-selling?

If you’ve been mis sold a financial product or investment then you are entitled to claim a refund if you’ve been left out of pocket.

What is financial mis-selling?

Financial mis-selling can arise in many different forms for example, you may not have been given suitable and appropriate advice about a financial product or investment, the risks of a investment were not fully explained to you, or you were given the wrong advice for an investment and as a result, you’ve lost significant money.



When we take out a financial product that carries great cost or risk, we should be able to trust those who advise us. However, thousands of people are mis-sold financial products by rogue advisers and companies because of their own personal goals or targets, leaving you with completely the wrong pension, mortgage or investment for your circumstances.


The good news is, if you’ve been mis-sold to you have a right to get your money back; you can do this yourself, or use an expert. If you choose to go it alone, the process can in some cases be a complicated and difficult one, particularly if you’re not used to dealing with financial products. That’s why thousands of people choose an expert like us to take on their case; ensuring financial justice is restored.


One of the biggest cases of financial mis-selling has been the issue of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). More than 12 million consumers were mis-sold PPI, and firms have paid more than £22bn in compensation since April 2011.

Recently it has been reported that staff at the Financial Ombudsman Service were placed under enormous pressure to process a huge backlog of complaints about Payment Protection Insurance (PPI),  which has led to 500,000 victims being cheated out of PPI compensation. Employees admitted making decisions without investigating properly in order to hit targets. Read more


Making a claim for financial mis-selling can be a daunting and complicated process, at Treadstone Law we have the experience and expertise to deal with your claim swiftly and successfully.



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