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Do you need to make a claim following an accident at work?


Many of us will have suffered, or at least know someone who has suffered in a a work related accident or illness.

Most people don’t like to complain or ’cause a fuss’. However, compensation for your injury can make all the difference in dealing with what may be a very difficult time. As well as highlighting areas where employers need to improve their guidelines for safety within the workplace.

Before you consider making a claim you must be sure that it is within three years of the date of the accident.

It is important to remember that you are not alone!

Recent figures show that;

→In 2016, 1.3 million people suffered from a work related illness

→137 workers were killed at work

→609,000 injuries occurred

Employers duty of care

By law, the employers duty of care requires they take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of their staff.  They must ensure that the risks of any reasonably foreseeable incident are assessed and prepared for. They must provide adequate training, protective equipment or other measures as appropriate.


Making a claim following an accident at work

If you have been injured in an accident at  work, then don’t hesitate to contact one of the specialists at Treadstone Law.

First of all, we need to know the important details about your accident, such as where and how the accident happened and about your personal injuries.

If you received any medical treatment or there were any witnesses to the accident, particularly from work colleagues, we’ll ask for these details along with copies of any photos that were taken relating to the accident.

A no win, no fee personal injury solicitor that specialises in accident at work claims will review your case based on the details you provide, and assess how successful your work accident claim is likely to be.

If you require medical treatments and/or rehabilitation support after a work accident, it’s vital to contact us immediately so we can assist with your rehabilitation as soon as possible.


What is an accident at work?

A work accident is an incident usually related to the manner in which work is being carried out, but it can also involve faulty equipment or the conditions of a premises or working environment. This kind of incident is not intended, but it can often be avoided or prevented.


What is an accident at work compensation claim?

Accidents at work fall under the category of personal injury compensation claims. This kind of claim is a legal process designed to help the victims of preventable workplace accidents claim financial recompense for their injuries. In a nutshell, your claim will attempt to prove that a third party was responsible for the accident and call for them to pay you compensation to make up for what happened.

Work accident claims don’t just cover injuries, a personal injury solicitor may also recommend seeking damages for loss of earnings, emotional distress and other costs associated with the incident.

What type of workplace accident can I claim for?

Construction site accidents

Factory or warehouse accidents

Injuries related to serving in the military

Unsafe industrial sites

Office based accidents

Agricultural accidents

Falls from height, i.e Ladders

What are the main causes of work injuries?

Injuries at work tend to happen when safety measures are either not put in place, or when they are not observed or enforced. Common causes include faults in poorly maintained equipment, as well as poorly assembled structures such as scaffolding and racking. Spillages that aren’t cleaned up quickly or thoroughly enough can cause falls, while a lack of training or personal protective equipment can cause serious workplace injuries. Accidents with vehicles such as forklift trucks are also common, especially on construction sites and industrial environments.

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