Are you suffering because of a Trip and Slip?

Trips and slips claims need very careful handling, as it is a specialized area of the law.

Trips and slips occur in many different places:-

1. On the highway, because of defective paving;

2. On roads, due to potholes;

3. On playing fields, where fences or posts might have been removed;

4. On the footpath, where trees have been removed but the stumps remain;

5. In car parks;

6. In snow or ice;

7. Because of roadworks or building works;

8. In public toilets, due to water on the floor;

9. In supermarkets, where food has been dropped on the floor;

10. On staircases which have not been properly maintained.

Trips and slips claims can be triggered by a variety of incidents, even if you have tripped over a cable on the floor of your office, you can pursue a claim for injury.

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