Treadstone Law acted on behalf of Mr C in relation to a Road Traffic Accident and Won!

“Treadstone Law acted on behalf of Mr C in relation to a Road Traffic Accident. The Claimant was driving down a minor side road in Sale minding his own business when suddenly and without warning the car in front performed a u-turn. He applied the brakes as fast as he could but was unable to stop and broadsided the Defendant.

The Police were called. The Defendant initially claimed that she was turning right. There was, in fact, no right turn unless she was going into a private address. She claimed that she had indicated and slowed down.

Our Client, Mr C, was adamant that it was not his fault.

We therefore issued Court Proceedings on his behalf. The Defendants maintained their denial all the way to Trial. They also provided an initial Counter-Claim which, following vigorous negotiation was subsequently withdrawn.

The Case was heard at the Manchester County Court wherein liability was found in favour of the Claimant. He was awarded almost £3,000 in damages.

It was obvious and apparent to all those who attended at Court that the Claimant’s views were preferred to the Defendants at all times.

The Claimant was delighted with the result and we recovered all our costs from the losing party.

The Defendant was represented by one of the big firms of Solicitors and back by a multi-billion pound national insurance company. Despite all the resources they threw at this case they were unable to succeed.

We managed to preserve our 100% record at Trial having won every final hearing we have ever attended.”

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