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Have you Suffered with the Contraceptive Coil?

Could there be bigger issues with the Intrauterine Devices, than we are led to believe?


There are 2 main types of coil available, the ParaGard Copper Coil (IUD) or the Merina coil (IUS). The ParaGard is labelled as a hormone free coil and therefore anyone who is not wanting to take any hormone altering contraception is led to believe that this a good alternative. It releases copper to stop you getting pregnant and protects against pregnancy for between 5 and 10 years.

The Merina Coil however, does release a small amount of progesterone which is stored in the stem. The hormone is a very small amount which  goes directly to the lining of the womb, rather than through the blood stream where it may lead to the common progesterone-type side effects.

The list of side effects for each of these IUD’s given by the NHS are negligible. There are some serious complications that can occur with regards to infections but overall it is claimed that there are no serious side effects of either.

The NHS website lists all side effects on their site, IUD and the IUS


The Coil  doesn’t suit everyone

However, recently a client of ours came to us after she was suffering a number of side effects which she believed were as a result of the Copper Coil. Within a month of having it fitted she was experiencing extreme heavy bleeding and passing blood clots, cramps and sharp pains and beginning to feel unwell. She called the sexual health clinic to request removal of the coil and was told she had to wait 6 months for the coil to settle and for her body to adjust to it. Over the next 5 months she went to see her GP twice to ask for removal of the coil after explaining the list of side effects she was experiencing the GP ignored her request and told her there are no side effects of the copper coil and she was twice sent away with it still intact. Our client was refused treatment and ended up removing the coil herself, which is not advised.

We have learned that this is the case for many women who have been to see their GP only to be told they must leave their coil in place longer and not had their side effects taken seriously.


If you have suffered with side effects from the coil and been refused removal – contact us straight away as you may have a claim for medical negligence


How does it work?

The way the ParaGard works is it prompts the release of leukocytes and prostaglandins by the endometrium. These substances are hostile to both sperm and eggs; the presence of copper increases this spermicidal effect. So this in itself means that Paragard affects hormones. Copper has the ability to profoundly affect every system in the body especially the reproductive, nervous, and glandular systems, and it has a devastating effect on mental health. This explains why common, yet undisclosed side-effects of the copper IUD include severe anxiety and panic attacks, depression, hair loss, anaemia, increased anger and rage, brain fog, spaciness, paranoia, fatigue, and increased infections (yeast being the most common) to name a few. All of which our client was suffering and yet was denied treatment and not believed by her GP.



If you have been denied treatment by your healthcare provider when requesting the removal of an IUD or IUS then contact us today for a free consultation regarding making a claim for Clinical Negligence.
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