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Vehicle accidents which involve you being hit by another vehicle from behind are known as rear end shunt accidents. The main determinant is that there are at least 2 cars involved in the accident where one has impact primarily to the rear section of the vehicle and the other has substantial impact to the front of the vehicle.

Common injuries after being rear-ended

Whiplash and spinal injuries are most common in rear end collisions due the sudden forward or backward force on the head and spine. Someone in a vehicle being hit from behind is potentially at more risk as the impact is sudden and unexpected. The body does not have an opportunity to brace and stabilise itself to protect discs and ligaments.

A variety of other injuries that may also result from a rear end collision include:

  • head and brain injuries
  • broken ribs
  • facial lacerations
  • bruising
  • paralysis

At Treadstone Law we took on the case of a ‘Mr B’ who was a passenger in a vehicle hit in the rear, the impact of which was so severe, it had pushed the vehicle into a telegraph pole.

As a result of the accident our client suffered injury to both his neck and back and was in a lot of pain

We took on his case and were able to reach a settlement in a little under four months, securing £3,910 in compensation

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