Taxi Collision in Manchester City Centre

Treadstone Law Receives Substantial Settlement for
Manchester Claiment Injured in Head on Collision
between two Taxis

Road traffic accidents are a common occurance but accidents which occur while a passenger on public transport are more unexpected. However, when they do occur, just as in ordinary accidents, the amount of evidence you gather at the scene is extremely important when it comes to claiming compensation.

At Treadstone Law we have the skills and experience required to help you through the process and we will guide you every step of the way.

One such example of this was when`Miss H’ from Manchester was involved in a distressing road traffic accident in Manchester City Centre recently. The accident consisted of two Taxis colliding, we compiled a case on her behalf and are pleased to announce secured a figure of £3,850 compensation.

Road traffic accidents are incredibly common, but can have devastating consequences for those involved.

If you would like to discuss a case with us then contact one of our professional and friendly specialists for free and honest advice.

We work on a NO WIN NO FEE basis so if we don’t win your case then it will be at not cost to yourselves. That said, we have a 100% success rate at court and we will not take on your case if we feel there is a low chance of succeeding.

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