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Road Traffic Accident Claims

Road traffic accidents are incredibly common, yet can have devastating consequences for those involved and can result in considerable physical and financial suffering.

If you have been either the driver or passenger of a vehicle which has been involved in a road traffic accident and suffered a personal injury you are entitled to claim compensation. The circumstances of that accident can vary enormously from being hit by another car or vehicle when stationary, being a passenger in a vehicle whose driver’s negligence causes the accident or even the negligent driver has no insurance.

We are able to recover compensation for any injury you have sustained as a result of a road traffic accident, we can also help recover any financial losses you may have suffered as a result of the accident.

Think very carefully before accepting the appointed solicitors from your insurance company. You will not always be guaranteed the quality of bespoke service that we provide, and you may feel you are being treated like you are “on a conveyor belt.”


Common injuries arising from road traffic accidents

We frequently see and deal with a number of different types of injuries, such as Whiplash, broken bones, Back Injures, as well as Shock and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Neck Injuries and Migraines, as a result of a motoring accident. Our experienced and knowledgeable team of solicitors are equipped to deal with these types of injuries as well as the more severe accidents which result in permanent injury, paralysis or even fatalities. We have also helped many clients who have been in Low Speed Impacts.

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Road traffic accident claims vary hugely with regard to their severity and subsequent consequences – some victims may make a fast recovery, but for others, the pain and restricted movement caused by an injury can be long-lasting, the effects are reflected in any road traffic accident claims.

We can arrange private treatment from trained physiotherapists, osteopaths and even psychiatrists if required.

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