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Remember your holiday for all the wrong reasons?

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With the holiday season drawing to a close accidents and illnesses on holiday remain an issue.

Whether you choose to holiday in the UK or abroad, each year there are numerous people who have been unable to fully enjoy their break away due to an accident or illness.

Depending on the type of incident involved, we may be able to help you to claim compensation.

We have been instrumental in helping many clients claim significant sums where they have been involved in an accident or suffered an illness due to negligence or poor health standards in hotels at home and abroad whilst on holiday.

So if you have had any form of accident or illness on holiday, contact us now and find out how we can help.

At Treadstone Law we have experts in dealing with illness claims resulting from holidays abroad. We understand that the process can seem daunting, which is why we explain each step of the claims process, ensuring that each and every client understands what is happening at every stage.

Whatever the situation, your legal team will work closely with you to get the right result with the minimum amount of fuss.

To make a Holiday Sickness Claim Phone 0161 685 0070 or fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

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