Prostate cancer cases are being diagnosed too late

Ministers have announced extra funding for prostate cancer research.

A cancer charity has warned nearly four out of ten cases of prostate cancer are being diagnosed late.  Research by cancer charity Orchid shows a “worrying trend” in late diagnoses.  In February figures showed the number of men dying from prostate cancer had overtaken female deaths from breast cancer for the first time in the UK.


Prostate cancer facts

  • 47,300 UK men were diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2015
  • It is the most common cancer among men
  • One in eight men will be diagnosed in their lifetime
  • That likelihood is doubled for black men, with one in four being affected by the disease
  • Men whose fathers or brothers have had prostate cancer are more than twice as likely to develop the disease
  • 65–69 is the average age at which men are diagnosed
  • 84pc of men survive 10 or more years following a prostate cancer diagnosis
  • 11,287 men in the UK died from prostate cancer in 2014 – equivalent to one every hour
  • 330,000 men are living with or after the disease in the UK

Prostate cancer symptoms

  • prostate cancer is diagnosed by using the prostate specific antigen (PSA) test, biopsies and physical examinations
  • there can be few symptoms of prostate cancer in the early stages, and because of its location most symptoms are linked to urination
  • needing to urinate more often, especially at night
  • needing to run to the toilet
  • difficulty in starting to urinate
  • weak urine flow or taking a long time while urinating
  • feeling your bladder has not emptied fully
  • men with prostate cancer can also live for decades without symptoms or needing treatment because the disease often progresses very slowly


If you or a loved one has suffered as a result of delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosed cancer then you could be eligible to make a Medical Negligence claim.


What is a cancer misdiagnosis claim?

You may have a claim if there has been a delay in diagnosing your condition or misdiagnosis of your condition. This may be due to your GP failing to refer you to the hospital for further investigation or the hospital failing to follow up test results or incorrectly reporting the results of scans.

It may be that the delay in diagnosing your condition has meant the prospects of successful treatment are poor or that more invasive treatment is required.

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