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Had a Slip, Trip or Fall?

Although suffering a trip, slip or fall may seem  trivial, they can be painful, embarrassing and, sometimes can cause nasty or permanent injuries. If you’ve slipped/tripped because of anything from uneven paving to a supermarket spillage, we could be able to help you get compensation.

If you were injured because of a mistake someone else made then you’ve every right to pursue them for compensation. Contact us today to discuss your claim and we will be able to tell you whether there was negligence involved and who should be held accountable.

Video providing key information on claiming for an injury caused by a slip, trip or fall, and how your Legal Team at Treadstone Law will support you throughout the process.

Tripping in Public

If you were injured by tripping on a public path that had not been maintained and left in a dangerous state, then your claim will be against the local council.  The Highways Act of 1980 states that it is the legal duty of the local authority concerned to check their pavements regularly and ensure that they are safe and free from risk and obstruction. One of the biggest problems we face as users of roads and pavements are the ever growing number of potholes.  Cutbacks in repair bills have led to more and more potholes appearing, and also to them taking longer to be repaired, meaning that they are more likely to cause accidents.

If  you are on private land when you suffer an accident or a fall, then the owner of the land is the person who has been negligent and they are the ones who will be held accountable.

Tripping in the Workplace or Supermarkets

If you slip and fall in a private space such as a supermarket, and the fall was caused by something negligent such as a wet floor, then you have every right to claim compensation from the owners for negligence. The Health and Safety Executive point out that it is the responsibility of any supermarket to make sure that floors are safe for customers, visitors and employees. It gives the following advice:

♦ Spillages should be cleaned and dried immediately.
♦ Wet floors should have warning signs on them.
♦ Floors should be kept in good condition. Hazardous wear and tear should be highlighted to warn customers.
♦ Hazards shouldn’t be left out on the floor.

Supermarkets are supposed to have a proper regular system of checking for spillages and tripping hazards. This is particularly the case near soft fruit and vegetables, drinks and chilled cabinets, as this is the most likely area for spillages to occur. Often, these proper housekeeping systems are not all they should be and hazards remain in the shopping aisle for long periods of time.

What can I claim for?

Slip, trip and fall claims are quite widespread and can happen in public and workplaces;

  • ♦ Slipping and tripping on wet surfaces where no warning signs are displayed.
  • ♦ Tripping over uneven paving slabs
  • ♦ Tripping due to holes in the pavement and roads
  • ♦ Falling down a defective staircase or set of steps
  • ♦ Trip injuries caused by tripping over wires, boxes or other items
  • ♦ Falling off a ladder would be falling from height due to to faulty equipment

How to claim for slips and trips.

Whether your accident occurs at work or in a public place, it is important to make note of any useful information. Take pictures of the area that caused the accident and get any details of anyone who witnessed the incident. It is imperative that as soon as you are able, you contact our Solicitors so that we can gather the necessary evidence from the scene before it is covered up or removed.  Whatever information you can obtain will be helpful but remember your well-being is of more importance.

What you need do after getting medical attention is seek legal counsel to represent you in making the claim. Slip, trip or fall claims require solicitors who are well versed with the procedures.

These claims are often difficult to prove but at Treadstone Law our reputation in these cases is second to none and the chances are high that your claim can get you compensated. If the slip, trip or fall was caused by factors beyond your control, you stand a good chance with us of being compensated for personal damages suffered.

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