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Our Financial Claims Experts are able to support people who are the victims of Mis-Sold Solar Panels
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Have you been mis-sold Solar panels?

Our Financial Claims team have been able to help people who have fallen victim to the mis-selling of solar panels which were financed by credit cards or loans.

Many were promised at the time of sale, that the solar panels they were purchasing would be “self-funding” or that they would pay for themselves by way of the Feed-in-Tariff payments equalling or being more than the cost of the monthly finance repayments.  Sales representatives also promised cheaper energy bills or even that you could make a profit by selling the energy generated by your solar panels and neither have actually materialised.


If you were mis-sold the panels under the same promises, we could help you make a claim


Maybe your solar panels were sold you to on the promise that you would be able to reduce energy bills whilst receiving a monthly income from the government for providing energy back to the electric companies, or that government grants and incentives would cover the initial outlay of the solar panels only to find that this is not the case because the solar panels don’t perform as well as promised.

As well as the poor performance of the Solar Panels, a number of people have complained about damage to their roof, which has then caused leaking and other problems to their homes. Although a certain degree of damage is often inevitable, reputable solar panel installation firms will always make the necessary repairs. If your roof has been damaged and not repaired, we may be able to help you.


Many installation companies have not been up front about the costs associated to Solar Panels, how they work or any maintenance costs involved with the upkeep of them.


If you can show that you were given misleading information, false promises and poor advice, all of which was used to entice you into entering into the agreement for the installation of Solar Panels, you may be entitled to compensation.

Our Financial Claims Team will fight your case on a NO WIN NO FEE basis ensuring that you get the compensation you deserve.

To begin your claim we will need to see paperwork from the original sale as well as any information you can recall about the initial sales pitch made by the representative of the company involved. obtaining compensation is a complex procedure so the more information you can give us the better our chances are of winning the case.

What we will require from you

In addition the other key information that we will require from you is as follows:

     ♦ Copies of receipts for payment of deposit
     ♦ Copies of receipts for all further payments or copies of bank statements
     ♦ Copies of all agreements an quotations supplied by the supplier
     ♦ Copies of any finance agreement taken out to purchase the Solar Panels (if applicable)
     ♦ Copies of all marketing material supplied by the supplier
     ♦ A copy of the suppliers website (if possible)
     ♦ Copies of all electricity bills for the 12 months prior to the installation
     ♦ Copies of all electricity bills for the 12 months after the installation


How much can I claim for?

This varies depending on the details of your specific claim but you can claim anywhere up to 100% of the price you paid or have committed to pay plus other  losses attributed to this mis-selling. For instance if the system was installed with a  fault and hasn’t performed as promised you could claim back the full installation cost & equipment cost of the system plus interest paid on the finance.

I paid for my solar panels with cash, can I claim?

Whilst you may still have valid grounds to make a claim, unfortunately we are unable to assist with claims relating to solar panels purchased with cash.

My solar panels were installed via a 'rent-a-roof' scheme, can I claim?

Whilst you may still have valid grounds to make a claim, unfortunately we are unable to assist with claims relating to solar panels installed under ‘rent-a-roof’ schemes.

I paid by credit card, can I claim?

If you paid some or all of the cost on a credit card or used finance arranged by the supplier, you could claim under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

Section 75 could apply in two situations:

  • where a credit card is used to pay for some or all of the installation. The contract price mustn’t be greater than £30,000 but you don’t need to have paid the full amount on your card
  • where the solar company has arranged finance for you to pay some, or all of the solar panel installation. Again, Section 75 won’t apply if the contract price for the solar installation was  more than £30,000

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