Criminal Injuries
Overview :

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority is a government funded scheme which was set up to provide compensation to people who suffer physical and psychological injuries as a result of violent crimes.

If been the victim of  an assaulted in the United Kingdom in the past two years, and suffered injury as a result of the assault? If the answer is yes, you may be able to make a compensation claim for criminal injuries.  We can help you do this.


How Can We Help !

In order to be eligible to make a Criminal Injuries Compensation claim:-

  • You must have reported the assault to the police as soon as possible;
  • You must cooperate fully with any police investigation  into the assault;
  • The assault must have taken place in England, Wales or Scotland;
  • You must have sought medical attention for your injury;
  • The assault must have occurred within the last two years;
  • You must not have caused or contributed to the assault in any way.

You can pursue a claim even if the person who assaulted you was not actually prosecuted by the police.

Criminal injuries compensation may be reduced or withheld if you have behaved inappropriately before or during the incident, such as by taunting the attacker.

If you have been the victim of a violent crime within the past two years and have suffered injury as a result, contact us now.