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Have you suffered an injury from a work related accident?

No matter where you work, your employer has a duty of care to proivide a safe work place and to ensure the potential for accidents is low. If you have suffered from an accident at work, we can help.

With a wide range of experience covering common slips and trips to complex and serious injuries, our team are skilled in getting the best results for you. Our No Win, No Fee service has helped hundreds of clients injured in a work related accident, and means there is no financial risk to you. Aside from personal injury, suffering from an accident at work can also mean the stresses of financial losses, such as loss of earnings due to not being able to work. Our team can also assist in claiming such losses back.

The most common work related accidents are:

  1. Factory and Warehouse Accidents
  2. Farming Accidents
  3. Construction and Building Site Accidents
  4. Office and Shop Accidents
  5. Working at height
  6. Manual handling injuries
  7. Accidents at work using machinery

Working at height

In occupations that require employees to work from a height, any resulting injuries can be very serious. Your employer has a duty of care to provide a safe working environment to prevent and minimise the risk of an accident to employees. If your workplace has failed to take steps to minimise the risk to you,  you could be entitled to compensation.

Clients who have suffered an injury from falling at height in the workplace should have been provided with necessary equipment or training to carry out their job safely, unfortunately this is not always the case.

Manual handling injuries

Manual handling injuries in the workplace are usually caused by the incorrect handling and lifting of objects with heavy or repetitive lifting often being the most common problems.

Your employer has a duty to try to avoid where possible the need for its employees to carry out manual handling tasks. However, in most workplaces, employees must carry out manual handling or lifting duties as part of their job.

It is the responsibility of your employer to adhere to health and safety regulations  which includes the provision of training relating to safe lifting techniques and the provision of suitable equipment to assist with manual handling tasks.

If an employer has ignored or failed to comply with manual handling regulations and you have suffered from an accident at work through no fault of your own, you could be entitled to claim for compensation.

Accidents at work using machinery

Machinery and work equipment injuries in the workplace can result in employees being seriously hurt and in the most unfortunate cases, can result in death.

Employers have a legal duty to comply with health and safety regulations, including carrying out risk assessments and putting in place necessary safety procedures.

A significant risk of injury is presented if machinery is not correctly maintained or guarded. If the correct safety equipment is not in place or employees are not provided with the correct training to use machinery or equipment then serious injuries can easily occur.

If you have suffered an injury because of unsafe machinery, a lack of training or misuse of machinery by a colleague then get in touch for a FREE no obligation consultation.


What to do after an accident at work.

  1. Get medical attention: If you’re an employee, find a supervisor, get medical assistance, or call 911. …
  2. Report the accident: Employers should speak with witnesses of the accident to get their accounts, take photos where the accident took place, and comply with all OSHA reporting and recordkeeping regulations.

Do I have a claim?

A claim should be possible if you were injured whilst working for your employer:

  • in the last three years and
  • your employer was to blame (even partly).

How much can I claim?

During a brief phone consultation, one of our team should be able to very roughly estimate the value of your claim, based on their experience with similar cases.

However, a more accurate figure will depend on medical evidence, and on a more detailed assessment of the case.

What if I was partly responsible?

The responsibility for an injury may be shared by both the employer and the injured employee. It may still be possible to make a successful compensation claim in these situations.

These cases are usually resolved with a split liability agreement. The level of compensation will depend on how much each party was responsible the work injury.

For example, if you were approximately 25% responsible for your injuries, you would receive 25% less compensation.

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