Missed Fracture Claim

Have you Suffered Because of a Missed Fracture?

At Treadstone Law we have helped many clients who have come to us after suffering a fracture which was missed due to lack of investigation by medical staff.

One such client recently attended our offices after sustaining injury following a bad tackle during a game of football.  After the bad tackle, he had pain in his foot and ankle.  He had severe pain in the top of his shin and also in his knee.  He went to Wythenshawe A&E who examined his leg but, unfortunately, their examination focussed entirely on his ankle and foot ignoring the symptoms he was suffering in his knee and the top of shin.

They x-rayed his foot and ankle and told him that he did not have a fracture and was therefore sent home.

He was given painkillers and told to rest.

Unfortunately, the pain in his knee and shin became increasingly worse.

He therefore arranged an appointment with his GP.  By the time he got to see his GP 9 days had passed since the original bad tackle.  His GP immediately examined the top of his shin and his knee and told him he suspected he had a bad fracture or worse ligament damage to his knee and therefore sent him back to A&E.

Fortunately, this time the Client saw a different Doctor who examined the top of his shin and his knee and referred him straight away for an MRI scan.

The MRI Scan was done promptly and confirmed that he had a ruptured ACL and also a displaced avulsion fracture.  This is a type of fracture where the soft tissue detaches from the bone breaking the bone rather than the tissue.  This is a nasty injury and very painful.

He also sustained nerve injury.

Had these injuries been spotted straightaway, and had he not been sent home, these injuries could have been dealt with promptly with much better prospects for our Client’s full recovery.  As the knee and shin injury was effectively ignored, further injury, pain, and complications then ensued.

This Client will be entitled to substantial damages.


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