Metrolink accident leads to successful claim.

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After an accident its best to get in touch with experts who know the tactics insurance companies use.


After a car accident, a representative of your insurance company will be in touch. Remember, insurance companies don’t make money by paying premiums and they have several methods designed to trick you.

1. They do not respond
2. Delay
3. Requesting more information
4. Statements
5. Implying you don’t need a solicitor
6. Asking for a release of all your medical records
7. Dispute and discount medical expenses
8. Low offers


People who have been injured in a car accident do not usually understand the claims handling process and the complexities that go along with the injury claim. Insurance companies train their adjusters to handle claims in a manner that reduces or eliminates their need to pay the claim.

At Treadstone Law we know all the tricks the insurance companies use and we know the best way of getting the payment you deserve.

The best thing to do after an accident is to talk with us as soon as you can.


We acted for “Mr and Mrs M” from Manchester recently instructed us after an incident in Manchester. The couple was unfortunately involved in an accident on the Metrolink when another vehicle collided with the tram. They were thrown around on the tram as a consequence of the accident suffering injury. Tesco insurance initially took up the claim but in our view made a low offer in the sum of £2,900. We issued Court Proceedings on behalf of the couple and a much higher offer was received only 3 weeks later.


The lesson? Never take “no” as an answer from an insurance company! Get Treadstone Law to fight your case for you.

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