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Is your Rented Property Affected by Damp?

My house is damp. Can I claim against my Landlord?
Are you renting your house? If you are renting then it is possible to make a claim under Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act.

If a property which you rent is in a state of disrepair and this disrepair has caused damp and you have suffered as a consequence then it is perfectly possible to pursue your Landlord to carry out repairs so that you can properly enjoy your property.

Landlord’s Obligations

To keep the structure and exterior of the house in good repair.  This includes drains, gutters, and external pipes.  So if the gutters or drains are leaking or overflowing and causing damp, such as penetrating damp or black mould, making the house horrible to live in then, again, you can pursue your Landlord for a claim for disrepair.

Further Obligations of the Landlord

The Landlord has to keep in repair, and proper working order, all the installations of the house.  This includes the supply of water, gas, electricity, and also sanitation including basins, sinks, baths etc.

In addition, the Landlord should keep in good repair and working order the heating and water supply.

If you have suffered as a consequence of living in a house which should have been properly repaired and maintained by your Landlord then have a right to make a claim.

Contact Treadstone Law on 0161 490 8960 and ask for our Housing Disrepair Team.

In addition to forcing the Landlord to repair the property, you can also claim damages against the Landlord for forcing you to live in unsatisfactory conditions and putting your health at risk.

Don’t forget if there is a flood, fire, or an accident in the home, the Landlord, once again, has a legal obligation to repair the home to put it back into a reasonable standard for you to enjoy.

If, as a consequence of the poor housing conditions you, or your family, have developed asthma, or bronchial or chest conditions, again it is possible to claim against your Landlord and force them to repair the property as part of the claim.

 How do I make a Claim?

Remember you have a legal right to force your Landlord to do the repairs that your house needs and also to pay you compensation.   All our cases are taken on a No Win No Fee basis at no risk to yourself.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Housing Disrepair Team via either email to or 0161 490 8960 or use the form below.


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