claim for incorrect prescription that made you ill

Are you suffering as a result of an Incorrect Prescription?

Each year thousands of medication errors occur many of which involve an incorrect prescription. Around 50% of errors will result in moderate to severe effects to patients.

Taking the wrong medicine can cause serious illness, depending on the medicine and how long it is taken for.

There are a number of reasons why incorrect prescriptions are dispensed. A mistake can happen at any stage along the process of providing the medication.

At the beginning of the process ….

  • Allergies or contraindications

Has your doctor checked your allergy status? You might suffer from a serious reaction if your doctor has not checked whether you are allergic to certain medicines.

Will the new medicine react with anything you are already taking? Or are you already taking a different form of the drug? This could result in an overdose if you are.

Wrong medicine/ wrong dose

Incorrect prescriptions can sometimes be overlooked if the medicine or dose is similar to the correct prescription. If the incorrect medicine or the wrong dose has been given to you, it can have a devastating effect on your body and can even cause death.

At the end of the process…

  • Pharmacy error

Pharmacists can make mistakes when dispensing the medication, in a number of ways;

If the Prescription is handwritten they may not be able to read the doctor’s writing or they may accidentally give an adult’s dose to a child.

There may be an issue with dispensing the wrong prescription to the wrong person or a mistake may be made transferring the correct dose on to the instruction label on the packet or bottle.

If your doctor has prescribed a particular kind of medicine, but you have been given a different kind or a different dose by the pharmacist, you may be able to make a claim for compensation – just remember to keep the packaging your medicine was in.

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