Road Traffic Accident on the School Run

School Run Traffic Incidents are a Major Concern for Parentsholiday compensation - illness on holiday

Parents say they worry more about a Road Traffic Accident than they do about ‘stranger danger’ on the school run. In a new survey over two fifths of parents say their child has had a near-miss traffic accident on their way to or from school.  

Four in ten primary school children are taken by car to school – a 12 per cent rise in a decade. In London up to one fifth of traffic congestion is said to be caused by the school run.

Most parents take their children to school by car because they fear for their safety if they make the journey on their own. But a recent study showed one in five have been involved in a traffic accident.

At Treadstone Law we undertsand that being in a road traffic accident is a traumatic experience for anyone, especially if it involves children. We have a team of dedicated solictors ready to offer advice and support after any accident.

We were contacted by a one parent who had unfortunatly been involoved in a accident on the school run. What had started out as a normal weekday morning for Mrs `W’ when she was driving her four children to school soon turned into a nightmare when she was involved in a Road Traffic Accident. A lorry had collided into Mrs W`s car leaving the children naturally shaken and with minor injuries. She contacted us to help her claim compensation f0r an accident that was not her fault. We were able to support her and and deal with her claim following the incident. For which, her children were awarded £2,000 each as compensation.

If you wish to discuss a potential claim with  us then please contact one of our legal team who will be happy to assist you and offer professional legal advice.

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