Holiday From Hell. Have You Had a Similar Experience?

holoday sickness bugFamily of 4 from the #Manchester area recently contacted us, having experienced the holiday from hell in the summer of 2015.  Most people have saved up for a long time in order to experience what they thought would be a holiday of a lifetime, booked through Thomas Cook in the Trafford Centre,  The all inclusive holiday to Mexico soon became a total disaster.  Neither parents nor the children ate or drank outside of the hotel, indeed, why would you when you have paid extra for all inclusive.  The holiday couldn’t be described as cheap being almost £1,500.00 per person.

Soon into the holiday the youngest son became violently ill, vomiting, terrible nausea and stomach cramps.  Shortly after the older child became ill with similar symptoms, leaving parents to cope with 2 very sick children whilst they were supposed to be relaxing and enjoying themselves.  Worse was to come as the father of the children then became ill and only a matter of hours later the mother began to suffer similar symptoms.  The whole family was, therefore, restricted for several days to the hotel room and instead of enjoying a view of the tropical Caribbean and the crystal sands of the private beach, instead spent several days looking at the back of the toilet door.  Despite reporting the illness to the Hotel Reception and the holiday rep and being directed to the local pharmacy, the illness continued and appeared to be getting worse.  The hotel doctor was called, who prescribed anti-nausea medication and painkillers.  It would appear that a large number of fellow guests were also suffering from food poisoning type symptoms as, unfortunately, several guests soiled themselves in the hotel pool.

holiday sicknessIt is fair to say that the rest of the holiday was pretty much ruined.  Upon returning to the UK the family visited the local GP, who diagnosed food poisoning or in medical terms gastroenteritis.

The family complained to Thomas Cook, who did little or nothing about the complaint and seemed intent on fobbing them off.  That’s where we came in.  A Letter of Claim was dispatched.  Medical evidence was obtained from a Professor of Gastroenterology, which confirmed on the balance of probabilities the entire family had suffered food poisoning.

It is important at this stage not to be fobbed off by the holiday company and their expensive lawyers.  Who will often simply state that this is travellers’ diarrhoea and every person from the UK who goes abroad very often suffers from stomach problems simply as a result of ‘foreign water, foreign food, a change in climate, the hot weather’.

Travellers’ diarrhoea is a fallacy.  The World Health Organisation has confirmed that the reason people become ill is because of bacterial pathogens.  In any event, Britain’s favourite meal is now curry and approximately two thirds of the food that we eat in this country comes from abroad.  It is simply incorrect to say that the change of diet, therefore, could cause these symptoms.  Nobody who eats a different type of pineapple abroad suffers uncontrollable vomiting as a consequence.

We gave the holiday company plenty of time to negotiate settlement.  Despite being provided with early medical reports and Schedules of Loss they continued to prevaricate.  We, therefore, issued proceedings and low and behold generous offers of settlement then arrived.

The whole claim settled for just over £16,000 plus legal costs in full.  Whilst they’ll never get time that was wasted in Mexico back, as least now they will have enough money to buy another holiday of their dreams which, hopefully, won’t turn into a nightmare.

If you’ve had a similar holiday from hell we’d like to talk to you and help you make a holiday sickness claim. Don’t suffer in silence; contact us and we’ll fight your case. We are No Win No Fee and we win 100% of our cases.

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