Holiday Compensation Claim

Each year we help a large number of holiday makers receive compensation
for their holidays which have been spoilt by either an accident or illness due
to no fault of their own.

Having invested a lot, both in terms of time and money, in their holidays, the last thing anyone wants or needs is to have their holiday interrupted or cut short by an illness or an accident. With a large percent of people choosing to take their holidays abroad and hospitality establishment’s abroad have varying laws about health and safety practices, the risk of an accident or illness rises.

Summer compensation claims can include slips, trips and falls, either around the pool, within your room or hotel areas. Badly maintained balconies, poorly lit stairways and loose tiles can all provide a hazard for holiday makers of all ages. Stomach upsets are common with the hot climate leading to a higher risk of flies and insects contaminating the food. Food is often served and stored at unsafe temperatures and is often reused for the next if it hasn’t been eaten the previous day resulting in becoming a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

Your tour operator has the overall obligation to make sure you do not come to any harm during the holiday which could be considered the fault of the establishment.

Remember if you do have an accident while on holiday, report to the rep, who will notify the tour operator immediately and ask you to complete all the necessary accident forms, photograph any evidence you think could be useful, keep receipts from taxis, medical consultations etc. and contact us as soon as you get home.

Even if you are not sure whether you have a case for holiday compensation, there is a time limit of three years in which a claim for compensation must be made, so please do not delay 0161 685 0070

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