Cosmetic Dentistry Claim

Whether you are visiting the dentist for cosmetic or necessary reasons, you are placing a lot of trust in their ability and expertise.

If that trust is betrayed, or if your dental professional makes a mistake that leads to damage or suffering, the effects can be highly damaging.


Long-term pain and discomfort can also arise from dental negligence which can make it difficult to fulfil daily duties. In certain situations, the injuries sustained through the negligence of a dental professional can really affect your quality of life.

The law says that dental professionals must adhere to a ‘duty of care’ to keep you safe. This legal obligation means that all patients must be given a reasonable level of care and that any chance of harm is avoided. If the ‘duty of care’ has not been adhered to and you believe negligence has resulted in an injury to you, we can provide the help you need to make the situation right.


Getting the compensation that you deserve can make all the difference in your life. We hope that by pursuing a claim, you will receive deserving financial compensation that can help you through the recovery process and help to support you in the future.

If you believe you are owed compensation and are ready to make a claim, or if you need more advice, we are here to help. For impartial advice without any cost to you, you can contact our specialist legal team for expert assistance on all dental negligence claims.

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