Dealing with a Denial of Liability

What is a denial of liability in accident claims?

A “denial of liability” is a phrase used when the person you hold responsible for your accident denies orally or in writing any fault and consequently refuses to pay you compensation for your injuries and financial losses.

For the majority of personal injury compensation claims, it is usually easy enough to see who is liable. In cases such as car accidents where one car crashes in to the rear of another vehicle, it is easy to apportion blame and therefore workout who will be the liable party when it comes to making a claim for compensation. In such a circumstance, it is usually a simple process to get a claim for compensation placed with a solicitor.

At Treadstone Law we dealt with a case where “Mr D” from Scotland was a passenger in a family friend’s car when it was involved in a serious road traffic accident.

The insurance company refused to deal with the case and refused to admit liability.

This is not an unusual tactic with insurance companies who hope that the claim will be withdrawn. Unfortunately it can be quite common for the opponent to try and defend the claim, so it doesn’t come as a surprise to us when we see an insurer denying liability for a case we have submitted to them.

However we do not simply accept the denial and end the case. We gathered information and evidence and pursued the insurance company.

Court Proceedings were issued and at this point the solicitors for the Defendant realised that they were bound to lose and made a generous offer of over £2000, for what was thankfully, a relatively minor injury.

If you have been in a similar situation and want free, friendly and professional advise. Contact us at Treadstone Law.

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