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holiday claims solicitorsolicitorAre you suffering as a result of a Medical Misdiagnosis?

According to the IPSOS MORI statistics in 2017 Doctors remained the Britain’s most trusted professional. It is easy to see and understand why. Doctors, Nurses and Medical professionals are there and help when we are at our must vulnerable, ill or injured and we need their help. We put our trust and health in their hands.

Ask yourself this, how many times have you asked your Doctor, “Why do you believe that this is the treatment that I need?

I bet it’s not often and I bet you have never asked, “How many times have you been wrong?” We so often take what medical professionals tell us as fact. If trust is “the firm belief in the truth,” then I would suggest that we often have ‘faith’ in them, “belief based on conviction rather than proof.”

Despite all of their training and experience, all of the tests and equipment that they have at their disposal the fact remains, that it is down to a ‘human being,’ to make the decision on Diagnosis and Treatment.  Failure to get this correct can lead you to; a delay in recovery, additional suffering and in the most extreme of circumstances lead to life changing conditions or even death.

Legally when we talk about Medical Misdiagnosis it tends to fall into three main types;

  1. Failure to diagnose – Where a condition is completely overlooked and ends up going undiagnosed…Or
  2. Incorrect Diagnosis – Where a partially or completely incorrect diagnosis is made…Or
  3. Delayed in Diagnosis – Where diagnosis was made late and therefore a delay in treatment occurred.

According to the National Health Service Litigation Authority (NHS LA) in 2014/2015 alone there were over 1,300 successful claims for medical misdiagnosis in which successful claimants were awarded approximately £197,200,000 in compensation.

The NHS Litigation Authority’s own data suggests that the top 5 misdiagnosed conditions are;

  • Failing to diagnose Fractures
  • Failing to diagnose Cancer
  • Failing to diagnose Tendon injuries
  • Failing to diagnose injury to the Scaphoid (a bone in your wrist).
  • Failing to diagnose Hip Injuries


So WHAT CAN YOU DO if you believe that you have been misdiagnosed?

Firstly – Speak with your GP or Consultant to go over your diagnosis and ensure they explain anything you don’t understand in a language and level of details which you are comfortable with.

Secondly –  Get a second opinion after receiving advice from your GP, you could book an appointment to see a different GP.

If you would like a second opinion after seeing a consultant (a senior medical doctor who specialises in a particular field of medicine), you can discuss this with them directly or with the hospital unit.

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