Claim against local council upheld after accident.

Can You Claim For An Accident At Work?

No matter what precautions are put in place, accidents at work can and do happen under varying circumstances. Injuries caused by these work accidents can range in severity from minor lacerations and sprains to broken bones, amputations, severe burns and sometimes sadly, even fatalities.

At Treadstone Law, we acted for a “Mr P” from Manchester in relation to a claim against a local council. He was seriously injured in traumatic circumstances.

He had a workmate who assisted him with heavy lifting jobs, but the council took this workmate off him due to “cutbacks”. This left him lifting very heavy objects alone.

Added to this, he worked at height, meaning that he had to lift and carry heavy items many feet above the ground.

Inevitably, an accident occurred, leaving him injured and unable to work for some time. Then, when he made a claim for his injury, the council denied responsibility for the accident!

We obtained a supportive medical report from a top surgeon, and continued to pursue the council vigorously.

Eventually, we persuaded the council to make him a handsome offer. He was a very deserving client, and one that the whole practice liked enormously.  We were especially pleased that we got a good result for him.


Can You Claim For An Accident At Work?

Your employer has a legal duty to ensure you’re safe at work. In practice this means that they have a responsibility to:

  • Make sure you’re properly trained
  • Provide you with suitable work and personal protective equipment
  • Undertake risk assessments
  • Manage business activities to minimise risks to your health and safety
  • Provide safe working systems


Your employer has a legal and moral duty to keep you safe while you are at work. Injuring yourself in the course of your job through not fault of your own just should not happen. Not only is it distressing physically, but it can also cause you to incur lost income and possibly face the expense of medical treatment and rehabilitation costs. A work accident can have lasting consequences on your life and that of your dependants.


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