£6,400 for Manchester Claimant Injured on Public Transport

Were you injured while travelling
on Public transport?holiday compensation - illness on holiday

You can claim compensation for personal injuries if you were injured on public transport. Whether it was a bus, a coach, trains; including the Eurostar & London Underground, on a cruise ship, ferry or on an aircraft.

If the accident was not your fault and you were injured then you are entitled to claim.

Whether you were injured through driver error, staff negligence, defective equipment, or in some other way, you can claim compensation against the Carrier e.g. the plane, bus or tour operator; regardless of whether the accident happened in the UK or while you were on holiday abroad.

Any attempts to make a claim for an injury suffered on public transport must follow a set process under UK personal injury law. The most important part of the process is for you to be able to show a court that you were entitled to expect that you would not be injured, and that someone else failed to observe your entitlement.

The compensation claim process can be quite complicated, but it involves demonstrating two things:

First, as a passenger you are entitled to expect that you will not be put in harms way while travelling on public transport.  This is known as establishing the existence of a ‘duty of care’. The difficulty of establishing a duty of care will depend on the circumstances. However, people responsible for public transport e.g. bus drivers, taxi drivers, train operators etc. are generally under an obligation to perform their duties with the care and skill that would be expected of someone in their position.

The second, and arguably more difficult stage in the process, is proving that the ‘duty of care’ which you are owed, has been breached.  In other words you must establish negligence on the part of the person that your claim is against. This is the responsibility of the person involved in the accident. This is why the evidence that you are able to bring before a court is so important. If you are able to give a detailed factual account of your injury then this will make it easier for a court to find negligence. Evidence can include:

  • The circumstances surrounding the accident;
  • Photographs of the accident and any injuries you suffered;
  • Statements of other people that witnessed your accident; and
  • Details of the significance of your injury.

Our specialist team represented ‘Miss J’ from Manchester who was involved in a serious bus accident. We were keen to act on her behalf in order for her to receive everything she was entitled to.

We are pleased to report she was awarded a princely sum of £6,400 as compensation which will help her to move on from the experience.

If you are not sure whether you have a case please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.

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