£25,000 Damages Following an Accident at Work

If you feel that your employer failed to meet their responsibilities and negligence has led to you being injured in an accident at work, you can claim compensation. If your claim for a work injury is successful the compensation would be paid from the employers liability insurance.

We have recently acted for a lady working in a hospital, who had an accident in the workplace and as a result now suffers from neuropathic pain.

Initially the defendants made an offer of compensation for a mere £3000.

As a result of our intervention and work to secure a settlement which truly reflected the change of circumstances for our client, we were able to settle the claim for a much more appropriate sum of £25,000.


If you have suffered an injury at work and you are made an offer of compensation, beware of taking the first offer made to you without getting specialist legal advice, as you may be being short-changed in an effort to minimise the cost to the employer. Of course that’s why it’s doubly important to make sure you have a reliable and professional personal injury lawyer on your side with all the relevant experience of such situations.


You usually have three years from the date of your accident to start your workplace injury claim. No time limit applies if the person who suffered the accident at work has lost the capacity to make a claimthemselves (this is often the case following a serious brain injury).

At Treadstone Law we have dedicated solicitors who are expertly trained to handle personal injury claims. They treat each case individually and will provide guidance and support throughout each stage of your claim, taking the time to explain what you can expect clearly and in detail.


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