£10,000 holiday compensation after food poisoning

Beware of barbecue food poisoning dangers

The risk of suffering a bout of food poisoning from a barbecue comes as a result of two main problems – undercooked meat and the transfer of germs from raw meat to food that’s ready to eat.

Raw or undercooked meat can contain germs that cause food poisoning, such as salmonella, E.coli O157 and campylobacter. These germs are only killed by cooking meat until it’s piping hot throughout. Germs on raw meat can also move easily onto your hands and then anything else you touch, including food that is cooked and ready to eat – a process commonly referred to as cross contamination.

Cross contamination can occur if raw meat touches anything, including plates, cutlery, tongs and chopping boards, that then comes into contact with other food. Potentially nasty E.coli O157 or campylobacter infections – both common causes of food poisoning – can be caused by a relatively small number of bacteria.


Be aware of the dangers

BBq’s are common in the warm summer months and its also something that can be experienced on holiday, as our clients found out.  “Mr and Mrs M” went on holiday, very much looking forward to their trip to Sharm El Sheikh. They decided one day to go on a beach excursion provided by the Tour Operator, which was to include a barbecue.

However it was later to transpire that the barbecue meat was not properly cooked and the couple became particularly ill with food poisoning. As a result their holiday was ruined.

We took up the case on their return and were able to obtain over £10,000 in full settlement for the family’s distress and breach of contract. They were delighted with the result, which will allow them to plan a new adventure  next year, hopefully with a better result.


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