No Win, No Fee

We are exactly what it says on the tin, no win no fee Solicitors. In the event that your case is unsuccessful, there is absolutely no charge for our services.

The risk is all ours.

Providing your case has reasonable prospects of success, we deal with it on the basis that if we win, it we will get paid. If we lose, we do not get paid. Simple.  No win, no fee.

We fund the expenses of the case – such as medical evidence – throughout. We will discuss with you whether it is appropriate to take out an after the event insurance policy to cover your opponent’s costs in the event that we lose the case after beginning court proceedings.

In the vast majority of cases, we not only recover the maximum possible level of compensation, we also recover all of our costs in full.

So if you are looking for experienced no win no fee solicitors, you have come to the right place. Contact us today.

We supply a wide range of legal services across the North West including Manchester, Sale, Altrincham, Wythenshawe and Timperley.

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Practice Areas

At Treadstone Law, we have got a wide range of legal services and aim to provide you with the outcome you deserve.

Personal Injury Claim Specialists

Personal Injury

As personal injury solicitors, here at Treadstone Law we aim to provide all our clients with a bespoke service and old fashioned care and consideration of their individual needs.
Medical Negligence Claims Specialists

Start Your Medical Negligence Claim Here

As Medical Negligence Specialists we aim to provide you with the best bespoke legal advice for your unique situation.
Criminal Injuries Specialists

Criminal Injuries

If you have suffered physical or psychological injury in the last two years as a result of an assult, you may be able to claim.
Housing Disrepair Claims Legal Specialists

Housing Disrepair Claims

If you are a tenant and your home is substandard e.g damp, we can force your landlord to repair your home and pay you compensation
Tenancy Deposit Scheme Recovery Specialists

Tenancy Deposit Scheme Recovery

if you are in rented accommodation and your Landlord does not place your deposit within the Tenancy Deposit Scheme in order to protect it, then you can claim compensation for their failure to do so. Please contact ourselves for further details.
Cavity Wall Insulation Claims Specialists

Cavity Wall Insulation Claims

Millions of homeowners have discovered that the cavity wall insulation that they have had installed is defective. It can have caused damp and other building issues which will adversely affect the value of your property and also aggravate asthma and other medical conditions. We will be able to pursue the providers of the cavity wall insulation or their insurers and ensure your home is reinstated to a proper professional standard or alternatively provide you with damages in lieu of the repairs.

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