Driver leaves scene but we still win a claim

“Mr & Mrs H” and their family, of Glossop, were waiting in a queue of traffic when another driver attempted to turn right across their path.

The other driver misjudged the distance, and hit the front of their car. He did not stop and drove off.

Fortunately, a passerby managed to take a note of the other driver’s registration.

We tracked him down and located his insurers, who denied responsibility for the accident!

They said that the other driver had not been involved in an accident, so we obtained photographs of the damage to his vehicle and matched these to the damage on the vehicle that belonged to “Mr & Mrs H”.

We commissioned an engineer’s report and obtained statements from witnesses to the accident.

After we submitted all of this evidence to the other driver’s insurers, they finally agreed to deal with the case, and pay compensation to our clients.

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