Couple of trips end in success.

tdst tripsWe recently looked after two clients who had suffered injury as a result of pot holes not being repaired.

The first case was a trip on PUBLIC land – Mrs S from Wythenshawe received £3,000 damages following a trip over a pot-hole in the street. The local Council denied liability – we followed up gathering a strong case and the matter was just about to go to trial – at which point a reasonable offer from them was received and accepted.

The second case was a trip on PRIVATE land – Whilst walking home from work, our client tripped. The area was owned by a private landlord. He hadn’t properly repaired a pot-hole which caused our client injury. The Insurance Company acting for the Defendants denied liability. Court Proceedings were issued, however the defendants soon caved in when they saw that we were serious about taking them to Court and compensation was agreed.

Denying  liability does not mean the end of a matter – often it is just the start. For specialist advice, contact us now.

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